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About symbols...
Since the dawn of time, man has always used symbols to communicate. They stimulate our imagination and emotions and express our need to penetrate the mysteries which surround us.
Beyond the simple graphic sign, symbols create a picture and as we perceive it, we are involved beyond the sphere of daily thought.
This coded language is by itself full of artistic imagination. Consciously or not, we use symbols in our everyday activity because they give substance to our thought.
According to J. Chevalier, "the symbol has precisely this exceptional property of synthesizing, in a sensible expression, all the influences of the unconscious and of the conscious as well as instinctive and spiritual forces that are at strife or on the way to be harmonized inside each of us".
Symbols are basic pictures which talk to the subconscious. The story of civilizations is bound by the way in wich they are interpreted.
The labyrinth is one of the symbols of our subconscious.
The knot, Inca or Tibetan, incites us to think about the perpetual movement and the notion of infinity.
The basic symbols are the square, the point, the circle and the cross.
The square is the symbol of earth as opposed to sky ; it is an anti-dynamic figure anchored on four sides.
The circle is first of all an extended point; it contributes to its perfection. So the point and the circle have common symbolic properties : absence of distinction or of division.
The circle symbolizes the sky and, at another level of interpretation, the sky itself becomes a symbol of the spiritual world.
The cross initiates a relation between the two other basic symbols. It comes within the circle, dividing it in four segments and opening it to the outside. The cross generates the square and the triangle.
It has a function of synthesis and measure. Within it, sky and earth join each other, time and space mixing together.
The knot is the labyrinth within which the four elements disappear. That's the reason why we have wanted to enter, penetrate, and explore this maze.
Throughout history, from King Arthur to the great Greek mythology and up to the epic tale of Guesar de Ling (great Tibetan hero), everything has been marked out by symbols which express a human desire to penetrate the meaning of life and death.
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