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BAR CAMPING CALA GOGO - Saint Cyprien (66) - France
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About Mosaïc...
Mosaic has been used in the artistic world since the early times. It has been particularly prevalent in the Mediterranean region. From Byzantines to Greeks, through Copts, Romans and Arabs, mosaïc has crossed the centuries without losing its freshness and beauty. Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) and Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926) were the first modern artists to use mosaics widely. The works of the latter in Barcelona (Güell Park - Sagrada Familia - etc...) are fine examples of where he has used his technique to great effect. Thanks to a free approach to the use of mosaic, we get closer in spirit to these great artists. Our creations utilise monochromatic and polychromatic pieces of ceramic tile and broken mirror as the basis for our designs, which are generally of a marine or a floral variety. These designs can cover areas both small and large. We also make furniture (armchairs and tables) as well as objets d'art (boxes, trays...)
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