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General Conditions of Sale
The present terms of sale aim at defining the relations between the artists Alias and Alias and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made by means of the website.
The acquisition of a work on our website involves an unconditional acceptance by the buyer of the present terms of sale.
Some works on our website are not for sale, either because they have already been sold, or because some as in the case of sculptures for are too fragile to shipwith our regular freight company.
We are registered at La Maison des Artistes in Paris, so VAT is not applicable on our "studio prices".
On the other hand, the VAT is included in all postal charges but it is included in the prices.
The prices "included port" are the "studio price" , its packaging, its transport and insurance for the transport to the advised place of delivery.
The buyer who wishes to buy a work and who chooses the online payment, has to complete the form used by PayPal, using full name and delivery address.
In case the delivery address would not be the one of the place of residence of the buyer, it is imperative to inform us about it by email within 48 hours following the transaction.
From the receipt by Alias and Alias of the PayPal payment, you will receive an email confirming your order, with full details of the transaction and asking you to confirm the delivery address.
The delivery deadline (5 working days) will be also specified.
The order and the online payment by CB pull the acceptance of the present terms of sale, the gratitude to have completed it knowledge and the renunciation to take advantage of its own conditions of purchase or of the other conditions.
The confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of the made operations.
So that the online sale of our works are possible, we have calculated prices "included port" for various destinations.
The deliveries are possible towards the following countries: France (Metropolitan) / C.E.E. / U.S.A. and Canada / Australia / Japan - China - India.
For other destinations, contact us by email at to obtain an estimate.
Alias and Alias take care personally of the packaging of the works.
Paintings are packed under alvéolé plastic and in a wooden casket to assure maximum protection during the transportation towards the customer.
We ask you to take out the work from its packaging with care.
Please check the packaging to make sure it is not damaged.
If there is any visible sign of damage, please make it clear with the delivery person.
In case of damage during transport, make the protest to the courier making a written statement if necessary on the delivery maifest and as fast as possible to Alias and Alias by email at or by phone : + 33 ( 0 ) 4 68 53 33 16 to find a solution of the caused problem.
Certificate of Property
The buyer will receive within 10 days by email or by regular mail a certificate of property of the acquired work.
After receipt of the work, the buyer cannot return the work, except in the case of damage caused during transport and indicated within 3 days to the carrier and to Alias and Alias.
All rights of both the Purchaser and Vendor are cover by all implicable laws as stipulated under French Trading Laws.